Monday, January 14, 2008


Starting From 1st January 2008, I've been busy of doing and finishing our Invitation for Company 11th Years Anniversary this coming Friday (18th). Since then I have no time to update my blog. This time I try to steal my 10 minutes time after lunch to write something in my blog. Just want to tell you that I am still alive and kicking..hahahahahaaa..

My mother in law will arrive tomorrow at 11.30am, I still waiting for my new appointment to be admitted to Hospital Likas (again). My previous appointment was cancelled due to uncertain circumstances problem from the Specialist. End of January, my husband had planned to go to Brunei by land (with car of course) together with my mother in law. There are a lots of things I've to finished before we go for short holiday. Well, I hope I can finished it before I go. By the way, my 10 minutes is finish and I have to stop now. Write more next time...

Have a pleasant day everyone!..


  1. i pray u get ur appointment soon!

    it's nice having ur mom-in-law come so far 2 visit u all.

    & dun worry abt d rest of d things :o)