Thursday, January 17, 2008


Today is my 30th birthday.. getting older and older. Everyone is wishing me Happy Birthday!
The first one who wish me Happy Birthday is my Husband of course.. At 12am we are still watching TV, and then Opa Harry and then my cousin, Iza. This morning receive a lot of sms from my brother and sisters and my 'satu kepala' friend Jura.

The first group who sing me a birthday song at our office pantry are Jen, Ulai, Marissa and Farah..Thanks a lot for remembering my birthday, appreciate it so much.

Tonight my husband and my mother in law will treat me for dinner, I don't have to cook. So as usual me and my husband favorite restaurant "Little Italy".

Thanks again to all my family and friends for remembering my birthday.


  1. happy birthday again neth...wah best o celebrate dgn family semua...ur mom in law came at d perfect time :o)

  2. salam....

    happy bday nit..sorry btul2 sia lmbt wish..sia suda plan mo wish awal2 bah tuh 2 3 ari lps baru mlm nih kesampaian..

    anyway, enjoy ur day!

  3. Bah... Happy Birthday Neneth. :D