Friday, January 18, 2008


After back from our dinner at Little Italy last night, then we do the cake cutting for tea time. During that time, Hakim is so busy doing his job of be a camera boy.

Here are some of photo taken by Hakim. He is volunteer to become the camera boy.
Look at those photos he took, boleh jadi camera man kah?

So when its time mama blow the birthday candles, he did not took a picture of me, he is busy looking at no photo..hahahahaa


  1. heheheh ... ok juga gambar2 yg si hakim ambi nie. Not bad neth... unique oo.

  2. itu lah dia itu, suka main camera saja, bikin habis battery..

  3. ui besar suda oh si aishah..baru brapa minggu nda jumpa..