Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I've been learning how to knit since July 2006. Well it was started when I saw one of my best friend Jura learned how to knit. So I was thinking why not just I started with the basic of knitting which are cast on, knit, purl and cast off. Most of the techniques we learn from the Internet.

After that I went to the yarn shop to get some yarn and buy my first knitting needle size 6mm. So I started to make my first project which was pullover sweater for my boy. I made it and it was satisfying and enjoyable. Well , I know we are living at Asian country which mean most probably warm, but I have a reason to knit for the first place when I started to think of knitting. We have planned to visit my husband's family at The Netherlands so I have to make a warm cloth to both my boy and girl. I finished the first project within 2 weeks time. Its a very simple pattern for beginners.

After I finished with my 1st project, then I started to buy a book about knitting. (once you learn it, you will be addicted). So from that book I saw one pattern that I really want to try which combined 2 colors of yarns. So I tried, It was a cardigan with a hat. Since I only have short time to finished it I did not make the hat and I just knitted the Cardigan. I managed to finished it a few days before we went. Well actually its take almost a month to finished the cardigan.

After a few months I did not do anything, suddenly my mood back again, looking for pattern to knit and here is my third project of knitting sweater, a cute Hoodie for Ethan.

Look at him, what a cute baby..
Hope I can learn more technique in knitting and I am thinking of another knitting project for this year.
The more you practice, the more you get experience and learn something new. Watch out for my next project..

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