Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Signed up for PPP..

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Have you ever wonder how and where people get their extra money from? are you the one who like blogging? if YES, dont't let this opportunity go away, sign up now with PPP its PayPerPost.

I saw it from my friend's blog, is it true? well I click on the tab I started to sign up. Well I just registered my blog Yesterday and today, I saw email from PPP,Subj: Your blog has been approve, YAY!. What a good news. This is my first opportunity with PPP of getting my money. Its actually count by creating sponsored content for the advertisers, way of promoting their company and product.

Never heard of it before. Since I am the new with blogging thing, why just try it, no harm to try, right?. I started blogging in July 2007 and now I am trying my best to post whatever interesting stories or anything to keep my blog up to date. But of course, beside that I like to try something new, I mean for my blog. I had sign up for which give blogger to get some extra income with just putting an advertisement inside their blog.

What I like about PPP is that, its give me a challenge of writing something that I probably will study it first before I try to write. Its really challenging and most important things be patient and knowledgeable. This is not just a post but its education and information what you trying to give to your reader.

I can't really tell what I am going to do with the money, since its still early for me to explain. Well just try this first and see whether I really can get paid or not. But let say it really working and I get pay, I'll treat my friends and family at my favorite restaurant and just order what you want. Beside, if I get pay to much, I will make some donation to those who really need it.

Thanks to PPP for the opportunities.

So what are you waiting for, just 4 simple steps:-

1. Register your blog
2. Wait for blog approval.
3. check out the opportunities.
4. Your Post (Whether its Approve, pending or rejected)

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