Friday, February 29, 2008

Trip to Brunei 3rd

As my promised to blog my trip to Brunei, this will be the last story of it.

Day 4 (30 January 2008- Wednesday)

We started our day with breakfast at 8:00 am in the morning. About 8.30am we all get ready for the longer boat ride to the Temburong National Park. Its take 45 minutes to reached the place and it a bit hot because we are facing the sun and the boat is against the water stream. That was really nice even my kids loves it. We arrived around 9.20am.

We were informed by our guide that we have to climbed up 300 steps of stair to reach the first hanging bridge where my mother in law and the children went to the place where we will having our lunch for that day.
So me, my husband and Harry continued with the stairs up to see the canopy walk (Bridge built on the highest tree in the park). Luckily my mother in law is willing to take care of my kids otherwise I cannot follow them.

Pic 1: Modern Hanging Bridge.
Starting from this bridge, there are more step to go, we have to climb the 1263 steps of stairs to the canopy walk. It is really tiring but good for exercise.

Pic 2: While resting
About 1 hour we reached the canopy walk. Me and my husband had climbed the canopy walk. What a thing!..first I was thinking I am not going to climb it, but at the other hand, I felt like not worth it, if I dont. All the way from Kota Kinabalu and after climbing so many stairs, Ok lets do. Me and my husband go up and WOW what a height. I am afraid the bridge will fall down because the bridge only can carry 2 person in one time. Its a steel bridge with 4 level of Height. First the lowest and then going up to the highest level where you can see the Mount Kinabalu and the mulu caves at both sides of view. But its was really wonderful view at the highest point.
While we were up there, a group of Singaporean army arrived and they started to climb the bridge as well, Ooo gosh, the bridge is moving, you can felt that someone is walking on it when you are at the highest point. I told my husband to go down immediately. Even my husband also afraid because he is bigger than me..hahahahaa.. So we went down with satisfaction.

Afterwards we got back to the place where my mother in law and the kids waiting. I was told by my mother in law that Hakim was crying, he want to followed us and he doesn't stop crying since we left them. Poor Hakim and I think my mother in-law has head ache hahahahahahaa..just 2 hours with my kids. Aishah is excited and she is running and shouting, my mother in law has to tell Aishah to not shout, but I think Aishah does not understand dutch..hahahahaaa..everybody looking at aishah, said my mother in law, because the other tourists was just relaxing and quite waiting for their lunch to be served. Aishah just dont care..she played and pee in her trouser. I did not put on her diaper because we want to go to the river afterward. Besides to save the diaper to go back to the town only 1 diaper left hehehee.

After our lunch, around 12:30pm we went back to the lodge and get ready to go back to Bandar Seri Begawan. About 2:30 we were brought to the jetty for the water taxi. Aishah and Hakim slept in the speed boat, tired after the National park adventure. We reached the Bandar Seri Begawan at 4.00pm and directly to our hotel. We were staying at Rizqun International Hotel which was located at Gadong. Once we checked in and get our room, we all take a afternoon nap. So tired.

Day 5 (31 January 2008-Thursday)
The next day, we just rest in the hotel, enjoy swimming at the hotel's swimming pool and went for window shopping with my mother in law and the kids. My husband and Harry, they went to the the cinema to watched RAMBOO 4 in the afternoon. More relaxing day and just checked the shopping mall that close by.
Actually our camera suddenly not working properly when we were at the Temburong National Park. We can't take a photo when we were on the canopy walk because if we use our camera in day time.We need new camera...this will happen if we use our camera to take a photo:

Day 6 (1st February 2008 -Friday)

After Breakfast we departed from Gadong to Kuala Lurah (Brunei-Sarawak Border) at 9:30am. 1 hour waiting just to get a stamp for our passport. We reached home around 6:00pm.

End of Vacation.

That was our Brunei trip. Our next family destination will be Hong Kong in May. Flight and hotels booking has been made just waiting for the day. We plan to visit Hong Kong Disneyland for 2 days, 2 nights and 2 nights at Harbour Plaza hotel.

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