Thursday, August 2, 2007



The melodrama of labour,

The menace of failure

The determination to achieve,

To make one believe

That success can be near,

Turns down the failure-fear

And a step you advance, success seems to cling

Give more thrust and advance, And you find yourself in success ring.

Success succumbs to the brave,

Cowards fear success break

Paradoxically the want is universal

Made by planned series of rehearsals.

How many can cut the joy of enjoying?

Or learn enjoying in the work?

How many can realize the joy is work?

And learn working without end?

Complacence succumbs to success,

But significant is its degree

So calls for success after success,

Ongoing till breath can be!

Falls to be without distress,

And success to be without rest

Just as Nature weaves the flowers,

Without heed to the whither-showers.

Success is all pervasive,

Success: light or massive

Success is sugar of life,

The sprout of Success is bright.

No onset, No end,

Success has in its blend

Image of one’s deity

And gratefulness for complacence.

This is the tale of life,

This is the consent of joy & spice

From a success in having breaths

To an all successful life!

by Jasleen khanuja

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