Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Qhareef's new sister

Today in the morning, I received sms from my friend Mona, She has delivered her baby last night at 11.13pm, baby girl with the weight of 2.5kg and 46cm length. CONGRATULATIONS!.

In the afternoon, me, zura, yone and Syarifah visited her at KK Specialist Center.Good to see both mother and baby doing well. We chat with her for a while and about 30 minutes we stay and then we left and went to City Mall to have our lunch. The only restaurant we saw in City Mall was "the finger licking good" restaurant,Ya of course KFC, we eat there and then got time to explore and survey the City Mall. We finished around 1.30pm reach office at 2.00pm.

On the way back to the office, I recieve call from ujie, she just come back from KL and want to drop by to sent the "Dunkin Donuts" for us, waaaaaa... Thanks Ujie.. She bought 6 Donuts and I give it to Ulai,Jen, yon, Jura, cindy and me. We couldn't finish it actually, still a few cuts at the fridge..Thanks Ujie for the Donuts, first time I eat Dunkin Donuts..LOL.By the way, its was delicious


  1. Sia butul2 bersyukur becos lamaaaaaaaaa suda mengidam Dunkin' Donuts... Thank you so much to Neneth for sharing and especially "Ujie"!

  2. My pleasure Cin, lain kali kita minta tapau si ujie lagi kalau dia pi KL..hahahaha..