Friday, August 24, 2007

Baby Mizi,

The day after Mizi born, Doctor has encountered that he has a problem with his lung. They have scanned his lung and found out that he has lung collapse problem. They have to insert a tube to his lung to get the air out from his lung.

He has difficulty to breath since a lot of air surrounding his lung. When mama called me and told me the story I was shocked, even the way she explain me, she said "paru-paru pecah" I couldn't believe what I heard on that time. I was so shocked and start to search what the problem in the internet. Could be something else.

Today has been 3 days he is at Hospital Likas, Yesterday I visited him, and he is doing fine. The tube at his chest has been removed and nurse said, doctor just need to scan his lung one more time. Thanks God. Just now I call my brother to ask how is Mizi, he said, all the drip has been remove from his body and his mom give him a breasfeed for the first time. Pitty little mizi..Glad to hear the good news and hope he get well soon. By the way, nothing to worried about him..he is doing fine..we will pray for you Mizi.

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