Monday, August 6, 2007

Hakim's Birthday..

Today is Hakim Birthday..but we celebrate his birthday yesterday on 5th August, since today is working day and papa is busy..But no worries, today we will attend one more birthday party invitation from the Mills Family for their son David's 1st Birthday.

On the way to the hills, I realize I forgot to bring camera, oooo gosh!...I can't share the picture for today. Arrived at the Mills Family house, big house and a lot of balloons hanged, we were given hat to be worn. Quite a lot of guests, all white man with a white hair, talking to each other, they are all business thinker, must be talking about their business, I just met with the Boss of "Little Italy", big Italian Man and his local wife. He has 3 cute daughters, the youngest one is same with Hakim 3 years old. I saw Hakim so naughty with her, doesn't want to share the toys with her, and she is keep on telling her mother. Hakim just smile and try to run from her every time she want to take the toy from Hakim's hand. Naughty little Hakim.

Time to cut the cake, they have 3 cakes on the table, guest what?..1 of the cake is for Hakim. and the other one is for their friend Bryan for his anniversary. After 2 hours in the house my husband said we go..(back). Aishah enjoy playing with the cats and actually she doesn't want to go home at all, I have to catch her to bring her out from the house. Before we go, Aishah kissed Terry and he love it. On the way back Aishah felt a sleep .

Papa bought Hakim a Bicycle and battery operated train for his birthday gift. Mama bought Hakim a beautiful and delicious Birthday cake from Bits & Bites.. Motorcycle shape..its a Marble cake..but I like the cream, its a butter cream and sweet.

After the small party, we rushing to the next birthday party of Mehrnaz at 7.00pm.

Will take a picture of his birthday gifts next time..Our camera have weak battery, so i take the picture from my handphone.


  1. Sedap motor si akin.. Nanti bawa lagi klu ada arr?

  2. cantik design bits & bites! nanti sia pun mau try cake dari sana!

  3. Cantik kan?..sedap some more..I like the cream..hehehe.