Friday, August 17, 2007


Wonder what that means..even me and jura need to figure out what TCRS means :D. Today we learn new short form of TCRS aka "The Chicken Rice Shop" We eat there for lunch today. What a restaurant!*##*#*&^%@, the waitress show us the Menu, then we start to search what we want. There are a lots of choices, combo or not combo, but the worst thing is we couldn't find what we want. There is no one at our table to explain what are those Menu.

I still remember when we concentrate of searching what we want,Jura saw the TCRS Honey BBQ Chicken, she ask me,"apa itu TCRS"? I was blur as well but suddenly I remember the chicken rice name, so I tell her its "The Chicken Rice Shop". First time in that restaurant, of course need some info.

My stomach is telling me, "please give me something" I want food, I just simply order what I think its worth. Well 3 of us have order TCRS Honey barbecue chicken, its show below the Combo meals. There are 2 inside the column, 1. Single Combo Chicken (Steam, Roasted or Honey BBQ) sorry forgot the price..and 2. TCRS combo Honey BBQ Chicken for RM10.99.

TCRS Honey BBQ Chicken

When the food arrive, we only get chicken. WHAT??? its a combo meal man?, don't they think before they made the Beautiful Menu, they should state inside the menu (*Without rice), The strange thing is the other menu which is single Combo Chicken serve with rice. OOOO.. gosh!..please!!..we are starving and we have to deal with this kind of thing. We even ask the waitress before we order, is it with rice or not, she said yes, with rice. so thats why we order. Suddenly we only get Chicken..

That kind of restaurant look branded and luxurious, they even doesn't have milo ice and one of my friend has order "Tea Tarik". Her tea tarik did not arrive till she finish her food. can't wait her tea tarik, change her drink to chinese tea. Whatever it is, we have eat and happy to meet our old friends Connie and Amelia. I think our table is the most noises in the restaurant.

And the geng..

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