Friday, July 13, 2007


I am still in the office around 5:44pm, suddenly I get a skype message from my other friend which is living in KL now. Here is her pic
ture with her kids, Amir and Sarah.. they look so happy and first time I see Sarah is laughing in the pic..especially mom and the daughter.. time is running so quick, they grown up so fast. Amir is 5 years old and Sarah is 1 year and 5 months (if I am not mistaken) Thanks Rini for the pic..send more pics so I can share it with our friends here..take care..

And here is Maya, Jura's daughter, isn't they look so cute..She is 8 months old, friendly and has a beautiful hair..

And look at this two A's (Andrea & Andrew)..

They are yone's kids..look at the smile..pretty ha? Andrea is 5 years old and Andrew is 2 and a half year. Turning to 3 in December.

Ps: Sorry yone I take you pic from your blog..

I have to go..hopefully the traffic jam is over..

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