Friday, July 27, 2007

Visiting Baby Ethan

Finally we reach the last Friday in we went to have our lunch at "Krishna curry House at Grand Millennium, we ordered small fish head curry set..yummy..yummy..long time we did not eat fish head curry with rice and vegetables on the banana leaf.. puas hati..

Afterwards, we went to visit Joyce and baby Ethan.., they are doing fine and nice to talk with Joyce about her experience during and after delivery of baby Ethan. We was touched by the story. But anyway, we like to chat with her till we forgot it was 2.30pm and time to go back to office. (Hellloooo lunch time is from 11.30-2.00pm)..just kasi tebal muka lah..we reach office at usual J+S+M= L.A.T.E...hahahahahaa.

Our gifts for baby Ethan..

We visited her as well last Saturday and my kids, Alice took their pictures nicely inside my car, while i went up to Joyce's house..Hakim forgot his sun glasses:

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