Friday, July 20, 2007


Happy its FRIDAY..last day of working today we went out with Fazerah again. Today we accompany by Ulai and Yati. First the plan was to City Mall, but then at the end it change to Center Point. Yati suggested to having lunch at Fish & Co, Warisan Square. For me why not? long as its in my budget..heheheee.. its a nice restaurant and elegant, I think we were the noises one, but Who cares..

We open the Menu book, and first look at the price..WOW..not bad.. to eat rice there, its cost RM3.00, ya..I can imagine that ;P. First we (me, yon and ulai) decided to share a pizza which is cost we thought we can save little bit of our money. Than, bad news.. Pizza is finish. So I choose other menu..fed up of choosing, i just take " The best Fish & chip in town".

mmmmm...ok lah.. (see pic) and lime juice for my drink. As long as my stomach is full ...and we enjoy it. Today I bought new sandal for our Rafting Trip to Padas river in August.

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