Thursday, July 12, 2007


This is my Dutch-sun (the combination of Dutch & Dusun) that

how my sisters and
brothers call boy is turning to 3 in August and my little girl is turning to 2 years old this November. I wonder what kind of cake shall I buy for them..Both of them like to watching TV (Especially, Playhouse Disney Channel), singging, dancing, playing Choo-choo train and a lots more.

Favorite TV programs: Mr. Bean, Pocoyo, Thomas and Friends, Shaun the Sheep and to make it shorter all the cartoon programs at Playhouse Disney Channel.
Favorite foods:
Apple, raisin, bread with jam, chocolate and cake. Doesn't like rice much but sometimes they eat it as well. Especially "nasi goreng"

First time traveled to visit their "Oma & Opa" (
Grandma & Grandpa in dutch) at The Netherlands on Dec 2006, they were so enjoyed and loves it so much met with their cousins, aunties and uncles. Well, it a bit cold in winter time but for them just nice.
Well..probably I will talking more about them..


  1. hi neth! so proud of u 4 putting up ur blog! VERY NICE! u won't regret it esp when u've lots of pics 2 share & many mommy stories 2 tell!


  2. wah neth! maju ohh kau...dapat inspiration dari kenny sia kah! hahahahah

  3. thanks everyone for your comments..I appreciate it so much..