Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Back to the office..

What a busy day...
Today I just come back to my office and a lot of works need to be done urgent. Luckily, I've prepare for that, need to order food for the Company staffs birthday party tomorrow, need to check and raise PR for the name card that should be finish on Friday..(are you kiding me?&**##@@)...well i finish it, just need the supplier to make it faster but even they cannot promise that. Well..what to do..

Ya..2 days training at Hyatt Hotel. Essential Office Management organized by Training Team. I met with a lot of new friends. Its a one whole day training and I have a great time with them. Nice to meet them, 7 PA from Yayasan Sabah, 1 from Sabah Development Bank and 1 from Borneo Nature Tour. Only 10 of us attended the training.
All the best everybody!

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