Friday, October 10, 2008

Update on Hari Raya 2008

Finally I can post something for my blog. I think my blog is dead for a while.
Well actually my Hari Raya this year is the most busiest hari raya ever and I dont have time to take a photos of my family even my self and the kids. We had our open house for 2 days on 1st and 2nd Hari Raya and then on 4th day we had an engagement party for my 2 sisters.

This year I have to drive myself to Ranau with my Kancil. We left our home at 4.10pm and reached my house at Kg. Lohan at 7.10pm after stopping 3 times on the way to Ranau. Just 1 thing I can't forget when we were on the way to Ranau, I drove over a cow which was lying on the road hit by Kancil infront of me. I saw the cow in the middle of the road standing at the road's divider. Suddenly he jumped and the kancil's driver in front of me could not avoid the cow because its happen so quick. I saw he hit the cow and I tried to slow down. Actually I have 2 option that time, whether I changed lane or I made a sudden break. BUT, 1. my left lane is not available, and I cannot do the sudden break because there is a mercedes car at the back who drive quit fast and if I make a sudden break I don't think that he will have a chance to break on time and will hit my back too. I have no choice just try to control my steering and just drive over the cow. BUMMMPPP.. we jump so high and I felt my knees shaking.

I saw the first car who hit the cow stop and I think its better to stop as well. Luckily no accident happen between the cars who was also at the same lane as me. They manage to see how its happen and everybody was slowing down. My concern after that was not the cow but my passengers and my car. I am afraid something had broken after I have a big bumpppp. I am still shaking and check my mom, Hakim and Aishah. Alhamdullillah..there were Ok, just a bit shocked and Hakim had a small bump on his head because he was sleeping when its happen and my mom couldn't hold him, but luckily he put his safety belt on, and did not fall from the seat. What happen to the cow? nothing, he just stand up and ran away. Lucky for the cow too.
How many lucky words I mention in this paragraph? because I felt so lucky that day.
Thanks God.

That was my experience drive my car over the body of a cow. Aishah keep on saying, "Kuat oo kereta mama langgar sapi"..OMG..luckily nothing was happen afterwards. So for those women's driver out there, don't panic if you in this situation, check your side and rear mirror before you change your lane. This can safe your life and your family or any other drivers on the road. Before you use your break's please check at your mirror whether is safe or not to make a sudden break. At least you can save your back passenger. The most important thing is control your steering, don't lose control and always make sure your child on their safety belt. We never know what will happen while we were driving.

Overall my Hari Raya was as a previous year, I will be the cheif cook and my 5th sister will be my assistant and as usual we will be the last one to wear our Baju raya. By the time we finished of preparing the food, we will be so tired and doesn't have mood to visit other houses. So the following days will be the same.

Hakim is really enjoy his raya this year, he followed by dad to the cemetery to clean up my grandma, grandpa and my youngest brother's grave yard. He even forgot his bottle and his afternoon nap. Every day he sleep early around 7pm and wake up at 7 am. Here are some photo taken by my sister while Hakim was at the grave yard.

Wondering, what is this actually?

Looking..what shall I do next?

Hakim after tired..resting.

What about Aishah?, she is busy collecting a flowers around the our house and plying with the water till her cloth is wet.

she enjoy dancing at our veranda when my brother play a music for her..

last but not least, photos of my 2 sister's engagement party on the 4th days of Raya, Congratulations for both of them and some of our guests during hari raya

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  1. Sa suka tu gambar si aishah menari tu neth hahar! Boleh tahan twist dia tu :D