Thursday, October 16, 2008

Knitting and more knitting

Its been a while I did not update my blog due to busy of learning how to sewing.
somehow, I am still doing my knitting at night. Will share the photos of my current project next time when I finish it.
For those who really interested to learn knitting, I suggest you to visit my favorite site, which really helping for beginners.
You can also check this blog , its interesting to know how they design and do it.

Thanks again for visiting my knitting blog.


  1. Neneth,
    Have a great day there. It's a really nice bag for knitting or shopping. You knitting at night? wow, a working and busy mother.~~
    I notice that a bamboo needles sit in your bag.:) I am an addict of BAMBOO NEEDLES.

  2. Hi marisa,
    I used to have a bamboo needles, but now I am using a steel or plastic needles, its more easy for me to use than a bamboo needle. By the way..actually that bag is not mine, just get it from google to make my post more nicer...I wish I can knit that kinda bag. Maybe I will...:D Thanks again for visiting..

  3. Have a nice day there.
    ~~Everyone has their own preference. i look forward to your post of new projects.