Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My current projects

There are so many sewing projects that I have to finish. I join epal at the end of August and I only finished my 2 basic projects, cusshion cover and epal and 1 certified project, a wooden sandal. Currently I try to finished my projects which I think its really challenging. I have '0' experience in sewing but now I learn a lot from epal center.

My outstanding projects:

Shirt for boy, 50% finished. Started in 24th August 2008.

100% finished as my previous post. Finished on 20th September 2008

70% finished, just need to make the skirt and doing some beading on it.

Just bought this project last week, yet to be opened.

I also followed the workshop of this bag, learn to do beading, 10% finished. you think I can finished my projects?..
Hope I about my knitting?..still so many waiting for me..I wish I am a full time housewife...hahahahaa..kidding..
I reallly need to arrange my time on doing all this..Neneth can!!

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