Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Anything can be..

A story about my boy, which really admire Ben 10. Well, recently I bought him a "Ben 10" shirt and he really happy. He changed his shirt right away on the spot where we buy it. Look who is walking with Ben 10 shirt. He does not want to take it off, till he fell asleep. Next morning, he cried, where is my Ben 10 shirt, I said, need to be washed..cannot wear it, otherwise you get itchy. So he stop crying. When I got home at the end of the day, there he is with the shirt again. Hmmmm..he is really a Ben 10 fan.

Look what have I done with his photo?



He was smiling when I show this photo to him...

My girl..still with her beauty smile with lip stick..

What shall I do with this girl..she really like to be princess. you recognize the smile?

same isn't it?..

The magic of photoshop..wakakakakaka..

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  1. Eeeiii kiuuuttt bah si aisya neth. Ngam oo the snow white foto, mcm real heheheh!
    which site tu?