Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"FITNA" the movie

As everyone know, this movie was out on Friday, 28th March 2008. Its about how violent muslim is. Well me, as a muslim believe that it is NOT our religon and the person who made the movie are not muslim. So, what they want actually is to make all the muslim angry and show their violent as what he show in the movie.

Just want to share a thought with you all muslims who read this post. Our religion NEVER teached us to be violent to other people and please if we feel offended with the movie, don't be so, because it is NOT us or our religion but we should tell those muslim people who did all the extremist and violent act, SHAME ON YOU!. It is all about their political interest and never think about other people.

Please think a while, if we show them that we are angry and do the most stupid thing like those people who demonstrate and trowing stone or any other violent acts, they really showing that muslim is violent. Those who did that are those who really extremist and mis-using of "Quran". I think the person who made the movie is laughing, looking at the news. YES! that really muslim, see how angry they are. Please open your mind and think again. Its not mean that we are not supporting our religion, BUT we are not agree and support those think they are muslim but made muslim bad in the eyes of the world.

I know how it feel when our religion being laughing by the whole nation in this world. But we must remember, we have to learn to be patient and control our anger. I am pity to Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, who has been teaching us all the good things but misunderstanding by other people. As everyone know, we are still human. Every human has their advantages and disadvantages. Let just pray to Allah that we can live peaceful in this world. Put aside the anger, strengthen our faith and be patient.

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  1. i believe in this world, not all muslims are evil just like not all christians are saints.. its the same for all religions. though the movie has a "good" message at the end (asking muslims to take out the violent/hateful words out of koran) but the way he is spreading the message is not right. he is taking the "shock" route. the producer is just angering the radical muslims, which I think are the real menace to the religion itself.

  2. u must be a christian. No muslim would wright: not all christians are saints and not all muslims are evil.

    Why muslims are always the not evil and the christians are not saint ??

    Why the Koran should be changed ("good thing"). We believe that the Koran is correct, allthough groups of people mis use it for their own benefits. Shall we change the bible ?

    Fitna movie is just to upset people, and those who feel offended, they do not understand the through religion, which is a peacefull one.