Monday, April 7, 2008

New design for my blog

Today I change my blog design and I am so excited with it. If you interested to have a new look of your blog you can check the designer's website. I tell you, once she is doing your blog, you can't wait to upload it.

I am really happy with it.

Thanks again.


  1. Hi Neneth~! Came over from Cindy's blog! She really did a job well done on your new blog here! Nice meeting a new blogger! :D

  2. Hi there Neneth... how's the kids?

    Came from Cindy's blog. Glad to have found another sabahan blogger. I will add you in my New Sabahan Bloggers List.
    Hope to see you around and more of your children's story :)

  3. I knew the designer will do a great job. Yeah, she proved it!

    Nice to knwo you neneth.

  4. thanks all for your comments and thanks to cindy's too.

  5. came from cindy's blog...

    nice job she has done here! cute!