Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hakim had started his school

Pic 1: Other student looking at the new comer.

Pic 2: Hakim first day at school

Hakim had started to school on 31st March for the first time and he was so excited. We thought that day might be horrible, since he never went to school before. But I was surprised,
when me and my husband left him with his teacher, he just like it and did not cried at all. The teacher said, will see in a week time, if he is ok. The first week , I was always afraid if he doesn't want to wake up and going to school every morning, but luckily I have no problem with that. Every morning I wake him up and gave him a milk for a his breakfast. He never complaint about going to school. Maybe he enjoy going to school meeting with his new friends and the teachers.

Pic 3: Hakim with his uniform

This week will be the second week of his school day at Tunas Sari, near Damai. Its 23 years old school and I heard its quite good. They use English in their communication and also teach Bahasa Melayu and a bit of Chinese language. I hope Hakim will cope it with them. Since he went to school, everyday he is learning new words. Like last time my mom told me, Hakim was asking my mom, "Oma, apa itu " Check on the floor" kalau Melayu? lantai kah? he said. So my mom explained what the meaning of the sentence is. He also asked me, Mama apa diam kalau English?, so I said "Quite"..Hakim will always ask what is in English and what is in Malay..haahahaaa, I think he heard a lots of English words at school. That is good for him.

Pic 4: Hakim's new shoes and socks.

I will send him every morning and my husband will fetch him afternoon if he is free, otherwise, I'll fetch him. Last weekend I bought him shoes for going to school and he so happy even he doesn't want to open it when I asked him to tried. Well I think that how children is when they have something new.


  1. Waaah, hakim sudah start school.. He's gotten big already... Atau we yang getting older ni? Heheh... Good thing he likes going to school :)

  2. Awww.. he looks so happy and so cute in his uniform! My sister went to Tunas Sari too and it really is a good place to send your kids! I'm glad he likes school! :D