Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Freaky voice..

Have you ever believe that there are someone else in this world. If you watch this video and listen to the voice of lady crying, its a real story. Its happen at the new Politeknik in Spanggar. My sister is studying there, so she got this video from her friend. The white spot that you can see is actually the "thing" that crying at the roof top of their hostel. Its a very short video, since the person who took this video is afraid too.

Turn on your speaker and listen to the voice of crying lady..


  1. Flo, did you actually watch it?? I'm alone now and I don't dare to watch it, even though it's daylight!! hahaha.. Nanti la malam.. eh! Nanti la tunggu orang! Hehehe..

  2. Yikes, that's a rooftop?!

    I can hear the crying eh..

    Why never take longer video??!! I wanna see longer!!! >.<

  3. iiih scaryy.....
    I saw the mobile phone version.
    And I heard it is in sepangar( ILP?) too!
    and the one that took the pics was the guard.
    Dunno the same or not ya...