Thursday, March 5, 2009

Photo of the day

I just found this photo from our digi cam, which I took a few weeks ago. This 4 kids sitting just exactly from the elder to the youngest while watching TV.
They have no idea why I am taking their photo :pandacloud_01: . just nice to see them together.

Hakim (4 yrs 6 mths), Radzi (3 yrs 6 mths) , Aishah (3yrs 4 mths) and Tarmizi (1 yrs 7 mths)

Aishah with her tired face of swimming.

And here is last weekend photo, went swimming again with Opa Harry and Oma Belanda at Pacific. Hakim is not scared of the deep water anymore, since he know how to use the arm floaties. But Aishah still doesn't want to wear it.

one of their favorite when swimming with Opa Harry, playing crocodile with him.

1st Hakim and then Aishah.

what a smile..

That was a moment with Oma Belanda, they went back to Netherland on Tuesday and Hakim was crying and said "ik miss oma Belanda" (I miss oma belanda). They have a great time together and learn a lot of dutch words during the time. She (MIL) will come again next time in November. But now, Hakim keep on asking me, " mau pi Hong Kong sudah?" " next week Hakim cuti suda kah mama?"...mmm... I know he can't wait..keep on dreaming of going holiday and staying at the luxury hotel with swimming pool of course. Well that is Hakim, really orang putih style..

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