Monday, March 23, 2009

New Finished Project-Wool Soaker

My new finished project for Joanne. Lanolized wool soaker.


  1. Hai neneth..saya nak order soaker mcm ni bley tak?
    asptu kalo saya bg sampel mcm dl etsy tu bley neneth knit kan?

  2. Wana, thanks so much for sparing your time to handknit Myra's 1st soaker ever, even though u had to redo and reknit them several times, well 3x to be exact as u mentioned to me when I went to collect them from you, puas hati saya and bagi pihak Myra, THUMBS UP!!

  3. Wana dear...
    cantik soaker ni...
    Is this the thread yang i order utk skirt my daughter?

  4. My pleasure joanne..

    Amy, benang ni la yang you nak untuk skirt tu.