Monday, March 23, 2009

Kg Penimbawan, Tuaran

Me and the children get a chance to follow my husband with his customer to one of his favorite kampung at Tuaran, Sabah. They call it Kg. Penimbawan, its a Bajau water village located near by Sulaman Lake. My husband preffer to bring his customer to this village compare to Mengkabong. Clean and not so big as Mengkabong. You really can see the life of people who live at real water village. Not so many tour operator know this village.

Most of the people who live there knew my husband. They always asked my husband to bring me and the children. Since yesterday he only have 1 customer, he decided to bring us along. Hakim has been there 2 times, but for Aishah this is her 1st time to this village. She is so excited inside the boat. She keep on looking if she can see dolphine..hahahaha..*there is no dolphine of course.

Here are some photos taken yesterday..

Taking a 10 min boat ride to reach the Village.

Aishah excited inside the boat.

The Water village from far.

Almost at the village jetty.

The houses.

Photo from jetty to the houses, long bridge and clean green water.

Main public transportation to reach land, small boat.

Hakim with Simone, He never left his hand off from her..hahahaa..
pandai juga ini anak ni tau..mentang-mentang orang putih..

Kg. Penimbawan from the hill at the back of the village. So clean.
Even though you see a few rubbish but not as much as Mengkabong. That why my husband like this Village.

Old government school for the villager's children. School was built at the land area at the back of the village.

School's sign.

Taking photo with a daughter of my husband's friend.

On the way back to the jetty.
Aishah got flower some more, one of the children picked it from the school.

We drop by at Tuaran town, and sit a few minutes at the restaurant for a drink with "Murtabak Jawa" and then we walk around to the Sunday market near by just to show the tourist how is our "tamu" is. As the last program of this tour, my husband bring his customer to this Pagoda located near my Tuaran town. I forgot the name. The Auntie at this Pagoda knew my husband and introduce me and the kids to her.

Pagoda at Tuaran.

Hakim & Aishah holding hand with Simone looking at the dragon and Snake sign.

That was our tour yesterday.
Place: Kg. Penimbawan, Tuaran. (Bajau Water Village)
Tourist guide: Olaf


  1. Hope you will come to visit my blog

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  2. Neth we went to the same Pagoda abt a month ago. Just posted abt it yesterday's called Pagoda Ling San Tuaran :)

  3. hehehehee..Thanks joyce, I Forgot to check the pagoda's name. We just go inside and give a hand to the aunty.
    Thanks again

  4. net, kalo ko mau tau, kg. serusup tu (kg yg ada jeti utk ke kg. penimbawan tu) kampung aku lah! kamu wat apa p sana?

  5. ooo..iya kah? laki saya bawa tourist pi sana, pi melawat-lawat kawan laki saya sana bah itu..hahaaa

  6. I like such water villages. Perhaps I can visit this at my next Sabah holiday (because the area of Semporna with the Bajau Laut is too dangerous in the moment)