Monday, March 30, 2009

Our old friend

I used to drive this car a few years back. Today I recieve a picture message from my sister and look who is in front of her while she driving..our old friend Mr. R (ranger). hahahaha.

Do you believe it, Hakim, my little boy. He still remember this car, because the last time he saw this car was when we were at the airasia's terminal to KL-Netherlands, the Ford's person took it from my husband in Dec 2006 and he was crying.
When we came home in January 2007, he asked "papa, where is your car?" then the father reply "its gone, some one took it from papa"..He cried again.
My husband 1st new car in borneo after he bought an old 2nd hand Mazda 323.
That was a terrible car and he sold it for 4k. Poor olaf.

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