Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Quiet for sometimes..

Its been a while I did not write any post to my blog. Well so many things happen recently, first my son got sick and the next day my daughter sick too. So its really tiring sometimes. Not enough sleep because need to check their body temperature every hours worried its become high fever. Just after my kids recover from their flu fever, its come to me and than I have to take 2 days of medical leave last week on 6th & 7th March. Now its my husband turn. What a pitty. Always the same. After one and another.

Last Saturday was our General Election day, it was on 8th March. For the first time I put my vote and luckily that day not as busy as some people told me. I did not take a long time to vote even with my 2 kids. I think within 10 minutes I finished with my vote. Finally I've done my responsibility to my country.

For those who like to know about my knitting project, now I am doing Hakim's sweater. Will show you the result once I finished it. I hope I can finish it by end of this month cause I was also thinking to knit Aishah's Cardigan. I am also doing cross stitch and for my current project I have to stop it for a while, and give the knitting priority for now. So probably I will share my knitting result in my blog as well as my cross stitch.

Life is so complicated some time, you have to move on and just do what you want to do. That all for today, need to go home. Hope I have something to write tomorrow.

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