Thursday, March 13, 2008

Get paid from your blog

There are so many services that give bloggers a chance to get paid from their blog. Not only bloggers but also for advertising companies who's want their products to be reviewed and promoted online through bloggers. As for me, I just registered my self with one of the famous site who paid me for every review I made. I am happy with it and I always get chance to review whatever topic they give me and get paid for it.

For bloggers who does not realize it, you can try to get paid to blog from this website and you'll find it so easy to get money from your blog. "Smorty" its a site which give service connecting advertiser with bloggers. In other ways, advertisers can pay bloggers who's write opinion post or review the advertisers. It is very simple and you just need to include the link they give you. Come on and join smorty. You'll like it when you get paid.

Hurry! what are you waiting for, blog for money.

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