Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Ancient Tarot Test

past, present and future:

Your Present

While we often think we are aware of all that is happening in our lives, sometimes the card we choose regarding the Present provides deeper insight than we are able to tap into on our own. Carefully consider the Tarot's following assessment of your present, and see what the cards are trying to teach you about situations occurring in your life right now.


Temperance represents the primary influence on the current state of your life. Right now, in your present, your patience is being tested. In order to achieve harmony and balance, you need to respond with cooperation and self-discipline. Getting this card in this position may be a sign that you need to put yourself in other people's shoes to develop a deeper understanding. Beware of being delayed by indecision. Instead, allow yourself to adapt as the situation warrants.

Temperance represents patience. The archangel Michael is pouring the essence of life out of a silver cup into a golden cup, representing the flow from the unconscious to the conscious and back again. One of his feet is perched on water and one is placed on land, representing the balance between logic and emotions. This is the card of self-discipline and the ability to achieve harmony with others. It reminds you to go with the flow of life, and to try to see where others are coming from.

There are a number of ways this card could be playing out right now. Some possibilities include:

  • You may be frustrated in your love life. Trying to put yourself in your partner (or potential partner's) shoes may help you resolve your situation.
  • You may be impatient in your financial life. You may need to apply self-discipline in order to achieve your long-term goals around money.
  • In the areas of health and well-being, you may want issues and ailments to be resolved immediately, when you may just need to be patient and cooperate with those trying to help you.

Your Past

Understanding our past decisions and situations can help us derive more from the lessons life is trying to teach us. It's never too late to acknowledge the truths of our past and bring that wisdom into our present and future.

The World

The World exerted a significant impact on your past. This means that at some point in your past, you may have achieved hard-won self-actualization, meaning you put your full potential to use. During this time, you reached the completion of your karmic lessons, which provided you with the talents and skills you needed to move forward in life in the manner you genuinely desired. Your response to this journey, and the reactions it elicited from others, brought you to the point you're at today.

The World is the final card in the Major Arcana, and is about the attainment of self-actualization, or putting your full potential to use. In this card, a woman holds in one hand a wand of involution, which represents the act of integrating life lessons into your understanding of the world. In the other hand she holds the wand of evolution, giving you the power to connect all of the lessons you previously learned. The wreath encircling her symbolizes the universality of all people. The World is a sign that your karmic lessons are complete, bringing you liberation. With this card, you understand the meaning of all of life's lessons, and you're free to move ahead however you wish, in possession of all the talents you'll need for ultimate success.

This card may have affected the overall tenor of your life, or just a particular area. Following are a few possibilities for how you experienced these influences in your past:

  • You may have come to a place in your life where you could let go of the pain that resulted from your childhood and accept loved ones for who they really are.
  • Perhaps you've gained the social skills necessary to build and maintain a thriving circle of friends and acquaintances.
  • You may have found a truly nurturing and fulfilling romantic relationship that brings you and your partner great joy.

Now that the Tarot has offered its insight into your past and your present, it's time to look forward into the world of what's yet to happen. Read on to see what the cards predict for your near future.

Your Future

Knowing what may be coming up in our future allows us to prepare ourselves for the unexpected. The card that represents your future will reveal which lessons are coming up next in your life. You may learn that you're about to enter into a particularly fruitful or easy time, or the cards may predict that you're about to be confronted with the opportunity to learn some of life's more challenging lessons. We each have lessons to learn, and if we avoid them, the cards tell us that they will simply reappear until they are addressed. When life lessons come your way, allow the cards' insight to guide your way as you work through these challenges. Keep in mind that if you successfully learn your lessons, you can then move on to new ones.

The Emperor

Your future, as it currently stands, is represented by the third card you chose. The Emperor is the card of logic and reasoning. At some point soon, you may be faced with a challenge that forces you to develop your leadership and problem-solving skills. Allow clear emotions to inform your reasoning, and seek the counsel of a wise authority figure. When an opportunity presents itself, trust that the skills you'll build, while hard-won, will be for your greatest good.

The Emperor is the fifth card to appear in the Major Arcana, and stands for authority and leadership. In this card he sits on his throne, holding the ancient Egyptian ankh in one hand, symbolizing wisdom. In the other hand sits the globe of dominion, suggesting his power. He is wearing a suit of armor and is flanked by rugged mountains, symbolizing strength. The Emperor is the Earth Father, representing logic and clear reasoning, as well as your paternal instincts. This card is can be a sign that you may need to seek counsel from someone wise, or that you need to deal with an authority figure in your life.

More than any other step of life's journey, this card represents the lessons you must learn and the experiences in store for you in your upcoming karmic destiny. This may impact you in any number of ways, including:

  • A challenge in your love life that will require you to develop creative solutions.
  • A project or job that you'll be able to take the lead on and as well as provide direction for others.

Seeking advice from a family member who has the wisdom needed to teach you the skills necessary to take advantage of an opportunity.

Wanna try your Tarot test? Whatever it is, its just for fun.

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