Sunday, March 16, 2008

Balik kampung during Weekend

Yesterday (Saturday) me, my mom, my sister and my kids went back to my kampung at Kg. Lohan Ranau. For the first time I drove my husband's car, a Ford Everest to Ranau. My husband did not followed because he is tired, just back from Sandakan yesterday at 2.00pm. Since we already promised with my dad and he really want to see Hakim and Aishah, I just put aside whatever in my mind and take the chance to drove the car back to Ranau.

We departed from our house at 3:30pm and stop at Telibong, Tamparuli to tanked. On the way to Ranau, it was really heavy rain and luckily I drove my husband's car otherwise my Kancil will be stucked with the flood along the road. The road was misty and really dark, I put my light on, all the way till we reached Kundasang. But yesterday was really challenging with the road and weather conditions. We reached Lohan at 6:00pm.

Today, my dad asked me to bring him to Poring Hots Spring. He want to take a picture of the swimming pool he had built 10 years ago. So I bring my kids too. They were so excited to "jalan-jalan" with Oopa, but they cannot swim into the pool because I did not bring their swim suit. Kesian.. Next time lah ar..

Tonight, my kids sleep early, they are so tired playing with their cousins at my kampung. This afternoon we departed from my house at Lohan Ranau around 1:30pm, stop in Ranau for 40 minutes and at Kundasang for 10 minutes, we arrive at our house at 4:30pm. That was our weekend, journey to Ranau.

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