Monday, September 3, 2007

Visiting Mr. Crocs

Yesterday we brought Hakim and Aishah to the Crocodile Farm at Tuaran. Papa have free day yesterday, so we all went to visit Mr. Croc. Wonder how Hakim will react if he meet with the real crocodile. We departed from home at 9.00am to catched the feeding time at 10.ooam.

Aishah woke up early at 7.00 she already "kacau-kacau" me asking for "nenen"(Milk), so we had our breakfast before we go. Papa and Hakim woke up late around 8.30am, so they took a shower and go. On the way to Tuaran, Hakim was excited, I looked at my little Aishah, she is little bit sleepy..she slept.

At the farm, first thing they saw at the farm was not the crocodiles but fish. They like fish a lot. Papa bought the "makanan" for the fish and feed them. We saw a lot of crocodiles, big, medium and small sizes. At first, Hakim doesn't want to touched the Crocs Statue, but then we forced him to touched. Finally his tension of watching crocodiles is gone, he just enjoy of pointing every crocodiles he saw. Aishah doesn't scared of the crocodile, she saw a crocodile riding the jet ski, and she said "mama, eta mau naik bot" so i put her at the seat of the jet ski and took a photo of them.

Papa is pointing the crocodile while waiting for the person to give the crocodiles food. After the feeding , we went to the show area which will start at 11.00am. After the show we drink something before we go back. It was so hot but Hakim and Aishah enjoy it so much. Some of the photos taken:

After finish we went home Hakim and Aishah was so tired. They slept on the way back home.


  1. best kan neth tu crocs farm tapi punya panas sana mcm tu gurun saja kan...hahaha. hari tu sy ada pegi, lepas tu sempat lagi beli crocs meat. sy suka tu gambar yg si hakim sama si aitah tertidur di kereta :)

  2. Iya Ulai,

    betul-betul panas, tidak "atahanan" nasib kami sekejap saja, lepas tu pulang..sempat makan aiskrim lagi..heheheh