Tuesday, September 18, 2007


This picture was taken from our "kaki Lima" (Veranda) by Micheal on 17th September 2007 at 9.30am. (low tide)

Believe it or not...it was happen yesterday when our guest who stayed at our Bed & Breakfast is busy with his camera to take a picture of birds and the scenery. For the first time since 2002 we saw a crocodile at our river (Moyog/ Petagas river). When Micheal said, oooo I saw a crocodile and then my husband said, are you sure crocodile, i think it's Paran (Biawak), when I looked at it, I realize its not like the usual paran, it's a real crocodile just out from the water and want to dry himself.

So yesterday I told Hakim, do not go down stairs alone, otherwise the crocodile will bite you I said. He was so scared and he asked Papa to carry him.

Dangerous.. Be ware of crocodile if you come to my house..

The crocodile was there till afternoon, around 5pm he did not moved from the place he were.


  1. neth...u can open 4 biz oredi...indak payah lagi kami pi tu croc farm sana tuaran...ur hse would do...jan lupa tambah tu prosboscis monkeys ah...haha!

  2. That IS amazing! But OMG do be careful ya!!

  3. Mangkali tu croc dari sana tuaran.. kamu pi visit dia tu hari.. jadi dia pula visit kamu ni kali..hehehe..Takoooooott!! Ada buaya darat di rumah kau.

  4. 2 malam sudah saya tidak boleh tidur.takuttt..asyik termimpi buaya saja..

  5. neth, next time sy pegi rumah ko, sy panggil ko keluar dulu baru sy turun dari kereta...takutttt mr crocs...mcm di sungai padas pula...hahaha!