Thursday, September 13, 2007

New shirt and dress

Last night I was thinking to take a picture of my kids with their new shirt. I bought a shirt together with Jeans for Hakim and Jura had made a dress for Aishah. So I decided to share it in this blog. Luckly they are in a good mood yesterday night.

After they take a bath, I tell them, "mama mau gambar Hakim sama Aishah pakai baju baru", they were both happy, Hakim said "ya mama, Hakim ada baju baru yang mama beli, ada boat", and then Aishah just jumping, doesn't know what we were talking about. I take Hakim's shirt and grab Jura's dress for Aishah.

So after I put them in a nice shirt and dress, I ask them to stand. "Ok..berdiri, pegang adik" I told Hakim, they were so excited, macam tidak pernah kena gambar. For the first time I see Hakim so nice, tidak kacau camera..start..

First pic I took..

Cool and steady, I said , "say cheers", only Aishah did. After the flash light they run to me and say "tinguk-tinguk". So I show them. I said one more time..they run back and action..

2nd pic

at the same spot and I asked them to smile..See how they smile..macam terkejut beruk..hahahahahha, still run to me and say "tinguk-tinguk" and then after saw their pic, they were laughing..

3rd Pic

Before I took this pic, I saw Hakim hugging Aishah, and then I said "Hakim, peluk Aishah", but my little girl doesn't like it. So I told aishah to look at Hakim, mau buat macam adegan romatink..LOL tapi tidak menjadi..

Last Pic..

I ask them to do "Peace" the 'Y" symbol, look what they do, showing korek hidung and aishah show her pointing finger..funny little kids..hahahahahaa...afterwards, their moods is gone, they start to run keliling the sofa..boring sudah I think.

Thanks to Tante Jura for the beautiful dress and thanks to Joyce for introducing me the site, good service and nice dress they have. You can take a look..
The shirt that Hakim wearing is only Sing$ 10.50 (RM24.++) together with the Jeans.


  1. neth...i must say u r d sifu of d blogsphere...LOL...tukar lagi template! bagus2!

    hakim & aishah pun da biasa berposing...hehe...cos d mommy owes sibuk wt her camera. bagus2!

    very nice :o)