Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Swine Flu..what can we do

Yes..big problem nowadays.
As for us, we will traveling to HK in a few days. Since everything is paid, we have no choice.
Either we go or lose $$$
We just hope everything is fine and just enjoy our holiday.
Everyday I look at HK news to get some info about it and its not so bad, still under control, since there is no new cases reported after the 1st case of swine flu in HK.

As we plan before, 3 nights at Disney Hollywood Hotel,

2 nights at Langham Place Hotel, Mongkok.

and 1 night at Venetian Macao

That why we just can't resist to cancel our trip. We still looking for a place to go.
No worries, we will get medical check before we enter Kota Kinabalu again. I just hope we are not having a fever before we enter HK. That will be a big problem.


  1. the Swine Flu is bad, but there are ways to control it.
    have a great time in Disney Land :)

  2. take care neth..enjoy ur trip..InsyaALLAH teda apa2.Jgn lupa ole2 aaaa..hihi