Friday, May 22, 2009

Long day on 3rd days

15th May 2009 (Friday)

Woke up early as we need to go to "Disneyland hotel" for a breakfast with Mickey at Enchanted Garden, they called it. Our children do not knew about it actually, so when we were sitting there suddenly, Mickey mouse, Goofy and Pluto comes. Hakim and Aishah was looking and smiling. Hakim asked me, "mama is goofy cooking?" when he saw Goofy and Pluto with their chef dresses . Then I replied, yes..of course, he is the one who prepared our breakfast for today.. and then he smiled and look at Goofy again. "can we bring Goofy home to accompany sonj(y)a (our dog at home)" he asked again, then my husband said, "why don't you asked him?"..mmm...said Hakim, no need la..with his shy and smiling face..hahahaha..they really think the maskot is real.

Took a walk behind Disneyland hotel while waiting for the Enchanted garden open at 8:00am.

Photo of me and my husband, taken by Hakim.

With Pluto

With Mickey mouse

with Goofy

After the Breakfast, our next destination was Nyong Ping 360. Located at Lantau Island, not far from HK Disneyland just take a few minutes MTR to the Tung Chung station, there you'll find the entrance to the Cable car Station. Its open at 10:00am by the way. we arrived early, so we have to wait another 20 minutes. You can also visit the Poh Li Monastery anf Giant Buddha. They have a packages that you can choose.

Everybody que up for their turn, our next.

On the way up

That why they called it "Crystal Clear" you can see what is below the cable car.

family photo inside the cable car

The actual cable car with HK airport background

we are almost at the top

On the way up to the giant buddha.

Hakim so strong climbing the stairs.

on the way back to the cable car station, we stop by at this shop to buy cheap drinks and ice cream.

Aishah after watched the "Monkey tales show". They really enjoy the show.

Another action from Aishah

Hakim in action

We were there till 2:00pm in the afternoon, and then back to our Hotel. Our park's ticket still valid and we went back to the park at 4:30pm. Playing and enjoying a few attractions spot while waiting for the fire work. Having our dinner at the park and watched the spectacular fire work show at 8:00pm. I did have a video of the fire work show but its takes too long to upload it. Sorry
We were so tired on that day.

Belle, The only princess characters we met.

Riding Cinderella Carousel

Inside the Phillar Magic 3D show.

That was it on the 3rd days.

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