Friday, May 29, 2009

The Peak

The 5th days of our holiday, experience the 45 degree peak tram is our plan while visiting one of the attraction places in Hong Victoria Peak, the highest point in Hong Kong.

photo courtesy of The Peak site.

The Peak Tower

View from the Sky terrace.

View at the back of the tower.

Other side of the Peak Tower

Mini Disneyland inside the Peak Tower building

Hakim & Aishah with their favorite.

My Husband amazed by this Juice maker machine.
Other attraction inside the peak tower is "Madame Tussauds" but we did not go in. The ticket was too expensive. After the peak, we went back to the hotel and take a rest. At night we went to the Temple street night Market. Bought a few t-shirts for my brothers and sisters. This will be our last night at Mongkok. The next day we are back to Macau and experience the luxurious Venetian.

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  1. waallaaweeiii.... best nyer p mlancong.. mo la jugak nii... hehehe