Friday, April 17, 2009


My 1st project after I learn Cast On, knit, purl & Cast Off.
Try it your self.


This super easy garment is made in one piece, starting at one sleeve cuff and working your way over. The only finishing required is sewing the underarm seams.

Materials: 8 ounces of knitting worsted weight yarn

1 pair knitting needles size 10 Gauge 15 sts + 4 inches

Sizes are for 2 (4, 6)

Starting at sleeve edge, cast on 32 (36, 38) sts. Work in garter st (knit every row) for 6 1⁄2 ,( 7, 7 1⁄2 ) inches. At the beginning of the next 2 rows cast on 25 (29, 33) sts., work in garter st for 8 (10, 10) more rows. Next row, knit 5, purl 20 (24, 28) knit 32 (36, 38), purl 20 (24, 28) knit 5. Next row, knit all acrossrow. Repeat the last 2 rows, twice more. Now, knit every row for 6 rows. Next row (divide for neck opening), knit 39 sts (45,50), join new ball of yarn, bind off next 4 sts, work rem 39 (45, 50). Working both sides at once, each on a separate ball of yarn, keeping 5 sts at bottom edges in garter st, center sts in stockinette st (k 1 row, p 1 row), and neck edges in garter st, work for 4 3⁄4 (5 3⁄4, 6 3⁄4) inches MORE, ending on a wrong side row. Next row, knit all sts to neck opening, cast on 4 sts, join as one piece again and continue knitting on other side. Work 6 rows garter st. then 6 rows keeping Garter st at ends and yoke 32 (36, 38)sts , and center sts in st st. Continue in this manner working to correspond to other side, BINDING off 25 (29, 33) sts instead of casting on. 32 (36, 38 sts). Work garter st for 6 1⁄2, (7, 7 1⁄2) Bind off.

Finishing: Sew both underarm seams

Do not block

MATCHING HAT: Cast on 64 (72, 72) Garter st for 1 1⁄2 (2, 2) inches. Work ST ST, until 5 1⁄2 (6, 6) inches from beg. End on a purl row. Dec as follows:
1st (dec. row): *Knit 6, k tog , repeat from * across row.
2nd Purl
3rd (dec row): *Knit 5, k 2 tog, repeat from * across row.
4th Purl
5th (dec row): *Knit 4, k 2 tog, repeat from * across row.
6th Purl , do not bind off, cut yarn, leaving a long end for sewing. Thread a yarn needle with yarn, pull this yarn through rem sts on knitting needle, draw up tightly, anchor end of hat, then using same yarn, sew back seam to finish hat.
Top corkscrews: Make 3. Cast on 20 sts. Knit, inc every st. (40 sts), bind off.

Attach to top of hat.

Happy Knitting


  1. hi wana...
    i will be @ KK this fri afternoon.hat utk baby amy design ni kan?xsabar nk tgk...hehee

  2. hi, desgn utk baby amy lain lagi..lagi cute..hehehe..bila amylia balik KL ar? mana tau tak sempat nak siap bagi yang siap dulu laaa..

  3. blk kl sun nite...pkul 8 kalo x silap..amy pickup on sun,26th ya? kita jumpa sumwhere

  4. ok..kat airport pun bole, tak jauh pun dari rumah saya.

  5. Just how do you cast on more stitches after the first 6 or so inches. This is very easy- then why doesn't it tell you how to do this? Hmmmmm