Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Friendly Damian

He was the son from our bed & breakfast guests who came last Sunday.
Easy child and really friendly. He is 7 months and like to smile. Just look at those photos, he
doesn't scare of other people. I suppose make a photo of Hakim and Aishah with Damian, but they were sleeping. Even my mom get a chance to be his nanny on Monday, and he is so easy to take care of, no crying, if he want to sleep, just give him his pacifier and lay him down, he will fall asleep. Today they are back from Sandakan, and tomorrow fly to Langkawi.

Damian with my sister.

Always nice taking photo with "orang putih" baby.

He even want to kiss/bite you.

Not forgetting our new friend, he just arrived last night

mmm..I just can't wait till May..3 more weeks to go..vacation..vacation..

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