Monday, April 27, 2009

My Recent Finished projects

I finished this project last week.
This project requested by Amylia. I gave her this items yesterday.
Hope she like it and I will finished the booties, mitten and another mini skirt + pony tail ASAP.

Mini Skirt, my own pattern

Come together with Pony tail also my own pattern.

Baby hat. pattern courtesy of Bernat


  1. wana...
    thanx! she really loves the skirt! nnti i post gamba dia pakai skirt tu ya :). bila nak mail another skirt n newborn set tu just let me know. i'll give u my address..thanx 4 the lovely knitting!

  2. wah!!! bestnya... lawa tu skirt ^0^ alamak, my knitting mcm lm sdh tergendala... hhmmmm

  3. hahahhaa..pandai malas tu lama-lama..lepas tu pandai datang balik itu mood