Monday, May 9, 2011

Marina Sky Park, Singapore

Oooo no..I still have to finished my post for long..maybe I should make it shorter.
Let the photos tell the story. I am so blank now.. let start..


People que up to buy ticket to the top.

Amazing view of the roof top swimming pool

The only photo we got on the top

View from the below

To find more info about it click here.

It is recommended  to visit the Sky park if you visiting Singapore, spectacular view. Maybe we should consider to stay at the hotel next time. Nice swimming pool they have.For those who only buy a ticket to see the Sky Park, Swimming pool is only for hotel's guest. We can only take a photo, ooo..ya "NO" tripod allowed at the Sky Park. There is a sign but some of the tourist just doesn't care about it. Ticket sell for SG$10/person, if I am not mistaken.(I'm having short memory syndrome). I should write about this post a few days after we were back from Singapore. Now its too late. :(. least I share some photos right?

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