Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just kids

Just an update about my little boy who just learn how to cycling.
Since his father is a Dutch man, one of the " must" for them is cycling.
Well, ever since he got his 1st and the 2nd bicycle with 4 tyres he never succeed. A few months ago his lovely papa bought him the new bicycle, he finally mastered it with just a few lessons from papa and Oom Din.

Hakim's 1st Bicycle
Hakim 1.5 years with his favorite bicycle with his favorite TV series, "Teletubies"
2nd bicycle with extra 2 wheels.  (Hakim's bicycle is blue color, same model)

And now, look who is cycling..

Recently, he attended Tennis lesson with his friend David.
The team.
Hakim in action

My boy
But most of them, he like 
Playing in the swimming pool
We hope he can swim soon. Just need time to master it.

My Little princess, still with her drawing and animal lover.
The latest drawing.
With her insects and bunny toy.
Hakim is 118cm tall and 20kg of weight.
Aishah is 105cm and 16kg of weight.

They are growing so fast.

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