Monday, April 25, 2011

Universal Studio, Singapore

Saturday 16th April morning, the sun is shinning and the sky is clear. Yes, good for us, our plan is to go to Resort World Sentosa-Universal Studio. What do you expect from Universal Studio. Its weekend and of course the park will be so busy. Just what we are thinking off, exactly the same.

You can check details for the opening hours & ticket price here

Actually we met a lady who selling the ticket for SG$60/person, so instead of SG$144, we got it for SG$120 we saved SG$24. What can you see inside the park?. There are a few attractions inside there. All I can tell is, there are so many roller coaster. 5 attraction was listed in their map which are Hollywood & New York Street,  Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, Far far Away Kingdom & Madagascar.
Here are a few photos for sharing.

New York Street

Sci-Fi City, Human Vs Cylon roller coaster
Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure - prepare to be wet
Far Far Away Kigdom

A few characters that I got a chance to snap their candid photos:
The Cat
Kung Fu Panda walk away from me.

Shrek 4D movie.
After a few hours , we decided to go out from there. Its too hot, we are sweating a lot. Outside the Park we rest for half and hour while eating ice-cream next to candylicious shop. Beautiful candy shop.

After relief from the hot, we start to walked around again. To the sentosa park and took the jewel Cable car  to the other side of RWS and took a taxi back to the hotel for Siesta.
Testing the camera timer.
RWS from Jewel Cable Car
The weather was so hot we could not stand. We just hope it will continue that way, because we need to go to the Marina Sky Park afterward.But 1st rest.

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