Thursday, April 21, 2011

Singapore 2011 (Arrival Day)

Staying at Shangri-La Hotel at the Horizon Club. Beautiful hotel and comfortable, friendly staff and easy access to Orchard Road shopping area. My husband kinda like business club as they have this extra benefits. Full use of the Horizon Club Lounge, Private check-in and check-out at the Horizon Club Lounge and complimentary evening cocktails from 6pm-8pm, eat and drink for free and of course the highest floor room is the best, because the view is always amazing as usual. Food was also delicious, was worth it staying there.

"The line" restaurant, breakfast was really great. So many selection, from Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Western even Malaysian food. Talking about hotel, of course you want to know whether they have swimming pool or not. Luckily we did not bring our children together, otherwise we will stay at the pool all the time. They just can't get enough of swimming. I think the pool was a bit small for that kind of hotel. or maybe because of the construction work they are doing near the pool, that why its look small. But overall, I can say, recommended hotel if the price is within your budget.

The Hotel 
Cute little shampoo bottles.
Deluxe City view Room at 22nd Floor.

The Pool (Photo courtesy of hotel's website)
The Line Restaurant (Photo courtesy of hotel's website)
1st day was just too late to think what to do and where to go. It was 17:20 when we landed at Changi Airport on Friday. We arrived at the hotel around 18:20. It was a peak hour for Singapore, traffic jam everywhere. So another lucky day for us that we don't have to wait for our luggage as we doesn't have one. We only brought 1 hand luggage. Huh! we are just on time  to enjoy the complimentary evening cocktails. Great but it was a bit weird for me, ha..ha..ha, why? because I am the only one who wore jeans and shirt, the rest all with smart attire and beautiful dress. another Huh! (Sweating). One thing you have to remember..its a business lounge, you have to wear smart casual attire slipper or sandal please..mmm..whatever.. I just ignore them and enjoy my food.

The Horizon Lounge  (Photo courtesy of hotel's website)
The time is 19:45, now, what should we do, night is still young, The non stop talking taxi driver had mentioned about Holland Road. He said, there is one bar called wala wala, nice bar. mmm..don't bother about it, we don't drink beer anyway. I know its a bit weird when people look at my husband, they will think "he might like to drink beer". Well, the only think in his mind is the CC (CocaCola), never drink beer.

So, we just took a taxi and heading to Holland Road. There are a few small stall selling clothing, hand bag and sandal still open but at the Holland Village mall, all the shop owners are getting ready to go home. Shop close. We just walked around, the long street of Holland Road is full with restaurants and bars. We saw the Wala Wala least we went there and we saw it. A lot of people, busy street, everybody looking for a food and hang out with their friends. Its a hang out place i think. Young couple, old couple everyone is having their happy hour. What remind me the most, looking at my left, my right, my back and in front of me, everybody with their One thing me and my husband really don't understand, a couple sitting next to us, having dinner together, what they are doing? playing with their i phone. Phone is more important than the person in front of them. Is this what they are look like when you lives in the develop country. Maybe! Open your mind and think again.

We picked one of the restaurant and have our dinner. My husband ordered beef Steak and fish finger for me. My husband drink CC, mine is BC milkshake (Banana Chocolate) ..yummy.

Look who is happy having his beef steak. Lekker!
Breko Restaurant
My Fish many, I can't finish it. 

After enjoying our foods (mine was still got 2 slices) back to the hotel at 21:30, enjoying the wonderful city view at night. Plan for next day.. Resort World Sentosa, Universal Studio.

I am gonna stop here, till I got my typing mood then I'll continue.
Have a nice day, hope you enjoy reading, if not please don't read my next post.

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