Wednesday, January 28, 2009

long weekend

After having a long weekend for the Chinese new year, today I am back to work again.
What have I done during the long weekend:

1) Test on Aishah hair. Its only stand for 5 minutes and than gone.

This is aishah hair..long but she doesn't like to be tie up.
This is what happen if she doesn't want

I always asked her, do you want to become hairem Scarem.

2). Taking photos of Hakim and aishah with Oma belanda (My mother in-law)

They arrived on 26th January (night) so the 1st day they were at home, just resting but for her husband. His 1st was helping my husband doing his un-finish work.

Get help by this 2 little helpers.

My 2 workers imported from the Netherlands. hehehehehe not from Philipines ya..

Hakim with his digging action.

3) Taking photos of our Bird Watching Tower.
Our Bird watching tower had reached the top point. So what my husband doing is putting the Netherlands flag on the roof top of it.

We end up visiting my sister house and having our dinner at Anjung Selera, Likas

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