Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to me..

Today is officially I turn 31 years old.
Thanks to all my friends and family and not forgetting my husband's family from Netherlands who had called and sms me for my birthday.

Want to know what is my gift? A ticket to Hong Kong. I know, it is not really a gift for me but for us.Well, since my children still talking about Hong Kong. maybe that why my husband bought the ticket besides its only RM49.90 Airasia Ticket to Macau. cheap right?. Total RM1,300++ for 4 of us. The date is confirmed on 13th-19th May 2009. Other than that, got Chocolate cake and Marble cheese cake bought from Uncle's Biscuit for my birthday and they sing birthday song for me. No eating out today, since my husband want to know the result of the by election in Terengganu, postpone tomorrow night.

My Birthday Cake.

Additional Marble cheese cake for my husband.

Thanks also to my colleagues for organizing such a great lunch yesterday. Thank you so much. I will post the photos on monday. Thanks jura for the lovely tote bag kit as my birthday gift.

Group photo from left to right, me, cindy,Anne, Mona (birthday on 14th Jan) Philicica (Birthday date same as Mona), Sharon (birthday on 2nd January), Jocelyn and Zura.

Me and sharon cutting our cake

Our birthday gift from jura.



  1. wah..baru tau ko punya ari jadi. happy birthday, neneth! semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki ek..

  2. Happy Belated Birthday....
    Semoga dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki...Amin

  3. TErima kasih banyak..tua sudah ni..

  4. sory neth...aku ingat2 lupa b'day ko sbb calendar yg aku tanda d opis..hari mggu ada sms jurra tnya bila tu b'day dia x the way, hepy belated b'day..wish ur dreams will come true ya..wah!bestnya g HK..jgn lupa ole2 untuk kami tau...

  5. happy belated b'day to neneth dearest!

    wow...a trip to HK wt ur family is definitely a FUN gift!