Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Family Day 2008

We have our company family day 2008 last Saturday. It was successfully done and everyone get their prizes. Even though I was not really happy and satisfied for that day but at least I did my job and at least everybody who attended the family day are happy.

Just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for those who help me for the preparation.

Here I mention their names
Mazura for helping me on making the back drop, wrapping the prizes and decorating the venue
Cindy for the ideas of games, compilation of Poco-poco songs and helping out with balloons.
Kak Aisa for helping me and Mazura for the hall decorations
David Pinus blowing balloons
Henry, even though that day was his last day with our company but he did a great job helping me to hang the back drop and blowing the balloons.
Jimmis who did the PA system setup

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help, without your help we will not having our family day as it is..

Here are some of the photos taken during the hall decoration session:

me trying my best to make a ribbon while talking with alice, Kak aisa at the back of the staircase.

David pinus, Henry and Cindy who trying the blow all the balloons.

Lesley, who climbing the stairs to stick the christmas decoration.

Where is Jura?.. she was the one who taking all the photos that why she is not in the photo...hehehe


Yes, I am not suppose to tell you the real story, but here I come. I was the one who open the hall in the morning BUT it was around 8:20am, it suppose to be earlier but since we only have 1 key for the entrance door, they have to wait for me. I went home late the day before,I was the last person who responsible for all the value prizes inside the room. I locked the door and I went home. Without any thought of leaving the keys to our SO who worked 24 hours, all in my mind was..going home..I am tired. Because of late home my husband angry on me.

The next day, I re-confirmed with my colleague, do they really have a spare key to open the door, well he replied me yes. I take a granteed everything will be fine, I am not really worried, all I have to concentrate is preparing all the games materials, such as eggs, oranges, apples, bananas and the plates. I want to makesure all the things inside my basket and I will not forget those important things. Suddenly I get sms from my colleague around 7:26 am (I still keep the sms in my phone), they dont have spare key..OMG..that time I was like..S@#t..my 2 kids hasn't ready yet, my husband still sleeping, I am not ready, all in one time like the volcanos going to explode..goshh..I ask my mom to woke up and help me with my kids. I only manage to give aishah a shower with me, Hakim just wash his face and change his cloth. At first my husband doesn't want to woke up..its too early he said. Till we get fight (*again). I dont care..all in my mind now is just go and reached Sabah Trade Centre as fast as I can. Luckily my husband followed and he is the one who driving at least he is not as stressed as me..I still control my stress but when I reached STC and open the door, I felt like a big stone out from my throats..and my tears start to fall from my eyes..I dont know..I felt like I am the main person on that day..hahahahahaaa..*perasan.

Well..for those who saw my red eyes..hope you understand how big is my responsibilites for that day. Some people just come with an empty hand and I need to bring 1 basket, 1 plastic bag and 1 cooler box for only that event. I don't know, am I stupid? sometimes I think I am too good to offer my help. May be next time, I supposed to consider it first before doing it..hahahahaha because some people are just saying it but no action taken. Its difficult to say..maybe they just dont realize it..maybe some of them actually try to avoid to help..who knows..hahahaaaa..Last but not least, I am just trying to help the best I can help, if I didn't do it..who will do it..no body ok..la..I am finished with my rambling..Please I dont expect anything just want to tell what in my heart.

Photos taken on the Family Day

Jura, with the backdrop we created.

1st game for the children, peeling an egg.

My 2 kids get ready for the competition.

peeling egg action..Aishah so slow..

Maya, Jura's daughter..eating egg..

I did not take more photos..sorry..


  1. It's ok laling.. jan ko tlampau stress a... take care...
    BTW u did a great job!!!

  2. Thanks..Ok sudah saya bah. Cuma hari tu betul-betul saya gerigitan.

  3. I have a million things to say and yet I don't know what to say... The feeling overwhelms me to the point of stunned silence. No hope for the future and no use looking to the past. I guess we have to live with this stupidity. Happy new year.

  4. sabarrrr...hehe....menang ka c hakim?cutenya c aisyah buka tu kulit talur..haha...ko tinguk tu kaki c maya bah..hitam...haha..jura, ko nda kasi pakai dia selipar ka?hahaha

  5. itu la anak kami tu ling..hahahaa..si Hakim mana menang. kalau dia cepat sikit berdiri kali menang lagi..hahahahaha

  6. Hmmmmm glad u're able to put all that 'stress' behind u now.

    The best way to live sometimes is to keep looking in front, and learn from watever we have encountered in our past hehe...

    Hope 2009 brings more fun filled days to u!