Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bye..bye bottle

Its been 3 days since Monday, Hakim did not use his bottle for milk.
We always encourage him by saying "Hakim is not baby anymore, Hakim has grown up" and he always reply, "ya".. Aishah still baby, right?" with the smiled. Since he stop using his bottle, he is a bit quite and every time he ask for bread with chocolate or Coco Crunch to eat. So bye..bye bottle..Hakim will not missing you again, because he is 4 now. I know he can do it..


  1. Congratssss !!!!
    Next 2 month is Abg Izz turn lagi...
    cayalah ko Neth!!!

  2. hahahahaaa..kesian juga saya tengok, tapi bapa dia tu..bah..kalau dia cakap tidak boleh, tidak boleh lah itu..sabar saja la