Friday, November 7, 2008

Tote Bags

*View from front & back

Look what I've bought recently..just get it yesterday, a cute tote bags, look familiar hah? Wanna know who design the graphic, just scroll down your mouse and check who has design my blog template I've been favorite designer Gisele
She had created so many cute drawing and I wish I can have it all. Wanna see more items from her go to cafepress

Another bag

*View from front & back


oooo..ya..she having a contest in her blog, why don't you try it if you interested, she call it Birdie "Know-it-All",
check it out by clicking the banner below


  1. OMG I had never seen pics of the real tote bags D:D :D :D just the mockups :D :D :D do you like them? :D Since i dont make them, but cafepress, i am not sure hows the bag quality :D :D :D
    I am so happy now :D :D :D :D

  2. Hi gis,
    its a good quality of material, love its so much. Hope next time i can have the mug..hahahaaa :P.